Film Reviews

Specifically, reviews of horror films. The horrifying, the terrifying and the meh.
So, here's the rating system:

/omg - As scary as a puppy's fart.

/omg/omg - Not that scary.

/omg/omg/omg - Okay, it's scary, could be better.

/omg/omg/omg/omg - Definitely  very scary.

/omg/omg/omg/omg/omg - Okay, that's enough, I need to hide under my blanket now.

There are also two more categories:

Unspeakably, pant-shittingly, heart-attack inducing horror, the kind of terrifying masterpiece that comes about very rarely, and terrifies you for a lifetime.

Complete, utter waste of time. The only horror you'll feel is if you are asked to see it again. These movies should be cursed to a pit of eternal misery, along with the people who created them.

So, here's the current list:



Sinister (2012)


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